Classroom Discipline


I believe in REWARDING students who exhibit positive behavior in my classroom (some examples listed below) 
     - Bonus points (up to 10 points may be used on any assignment-including tests)   
     - Concert Ticket (may listen to i-pod during independent work)
     - Recess (time to unwind outside) 

School rules will be enforced - Including Dress Code 
In my classroom there are consequences for every action (or inaction)


1.) Everyone deserves respect (students, teachers, and staff members)
2.) Respect other students' property (if it isn't yours, don't touch it)
3.) Come to class prepared (assignments, materials, etc.)
4.) Have a winning attitude (be positive - reading/writing isn't the end of the world)
5.) Do your BEST (avoiding work because it is hard doesn't make it easier)
6.) Do what is RIGHT (cheating, bullying, and other ugly behaviors are not tolerated)


A consequence for various minor offenses such as chewing gum. Accumulating seven silent lunches for more serious offenses (like being dishonest) merits an office referral.  Parents will be notified in writing when a child has been issued silent lunch. Click HERE to see the form.


A consequence designed to give an immediate response for: 
1.) Defiance
     Refusal to follow a teacher's direction
2.) Disruption
     Actions/comments that interfere with the learning environment
3.) Disrespect
     Actions/comments that are offensive to another student or to a staff member
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