Grading System & Missing Work Policy

For the Second Nine Weeks (Nov - Jan):
Grading System and Late Work Policy ~ Mrs. Davis

Part of my Warrior Mission is to prepare your child to become successful, responsible, and productive citizen in society. To help your child be successful, I will use different techniques and work with his/her needs, strengths, and weaknesses. To help your child be responsible, I will hold him/her accountable for assignments and encourage each student to learn to challenge himself/herself. To help your child be a productive citizen in society, I will maintain a learning environment that embraces different points of view.

GRADES: I use a weighted system which means that some assignments count more towards a student’s average than others. This is the same scale used by all 6th grade language arts teachers.

30%   Tests and/or Major Projects (like Book Reports)
25%   Classwork (Grammar, Channel One,...etc)
15%   Quizzes (Vocabulary, Classroom Novel...)
15%   Homework and/or Minor Projects (FlashDrafts, Movie Sheets, Art projects)
15%   Participation (Challenging classwork like some vocabulary exercises, and EOG prep)

* Work turned in one day late (minus 10 points)

* If work is still not turned in the day after it was due, it is OVERDUE. Students with overdue work need to catch up and make my "Ketchup" list. Students on the Ketchup List receive a notice about missing assignments to be signed by a parent (which includes a final deadline for that missing assignment). Projects and Book Reports cannot be turned more than two days late.

* If the assignment still has not been turned in by this final deadline, the student will be given up to five days to complete an alternate assignment for a maximum grade of 60.   

* If the alternate assignment is not turned in within five days, the child earns a zero for that assignment. A zero can not be made up. 

* No, I do not give extra credit assignments but I do have opportunities for children to boost their grades. One is through where students read, answer questions, and earn points. Students do not have to work with the program, but it helps boost reading comprehension and can only improve a grade (doesn't cost anything but time). I also award bonus points to students who find a vocabulary word outside of our lessons (like in another class textbook or in a novel...etc).

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