Soil - October 2

Soil Profiles

  1. Humus is a combination of dirt and organic materials.  It covers the top of the soil profile and is known as the O Horizon.
  2. The A Horizon is our topsoil.  Rich in nutrients and accessible to rainwater, this layer of soil allows plants to establish roots for crops and trees to flourish.
  3. The B Horizon, our subsoil, is not very nutrient rich and contains small pieces of rocks that have eroded from the parent rock.
  4. The regolith or C Horizon contains little to no organic material.  It is composed of broken down parent rock. 
  5. The last layer of a soil profile will contain the actual parent rock known as bedrock.  The bedrock breaks down to provide the rocks and sediments for the soil located above it.  The bedrock may be igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic in origin.
  6. Soil is defined as a mix of clay, rock particles and organic matter (humus).
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