Social Studies Expectations

A Different Kind of Social Studies “Homework”

This year students will be learning about the world and will be developing and utilizing several hands on activities while in the classroom. The focus of the homework will be to reinforce the skills we will be working on through out the year which are Note Taking, Organizational Skills, and Good Study Habits. You can help your child with this “homework” by helping them review the material covered in class, rewriting their notes, and studying for the chapter test.
While we do encourage you to look over your child’s homework and projects we strongly discourage "too much" help.

The Roots of Modern Societies

Beginnings of Human Society to the Emergence of the First Global Age (1450)
Focus: World Geography; History & Culture: Patterns of Continuity & Chan

Units 1 & 2

Geography Skills & Emergence of Civilizations
an Origins and Early Civilizations, Prehistory to 1000 BCE

Unit 3

Development of Civilizations 1000BC-500AD
Classical Civilizations & Rise of Religious Traditions, 1000BC to 500AD

Unit 4

Expansion of Civilizations
Postclassical Civilizations, 300 to 1000AD

Unit 5

Regional Civilizations
Regional Interactions, 1000 to 1450 AD


Online Student Center

By clicking on Unit Resources and Chapter Activities

students can read a summary of the chapter, work on a web-based activity, take a quiz to test their knowledge of the chapter, and quiz themselves using eFlashcards for chapter-specific academic vocabulary, glossary terms, and people, places, and events.

Our World: People, Places, and Cultures

In class, the textbook will be supplemented with selected videos, books, and additional online resources.

 Textbook Resources ~ Additional Resources ~ Unit and Chapter Resources

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