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 1. Imaginary line that passes through the center of Earth


2. A year that contains one extra day


3. Tools and methods that help people perform tasks


4. low-latitude areas near the Equator


5. Landforms, plants, animals, and weather patterns


6. Refers to a time before people developed writing


7. Exact spot on Earth


8. Explains how and why people, ideas, and goods spread


9. Amount of time it takes for Earth to make one complete rotation


10. Relatively small, solid planet


11. Once considered a major planet but now considered a minor one


12. People who study Earth and its people


13. Areas of Earth’s surface that have several common characteristics


14. Amount of time it takes Mercury to orbit the sun


15. A decade               A century


16. Fall equinox


17. Spring equinox


18. Time that lasted until about 1,500 years ago


19. Amount of time it takes Neptune to orbit the sun


20. Approximately how many years ago did Modern History begin?


21. How long does it take for Earth to make one complete circuit around the sun?


22. Religions and languages are part of ____.


23. Why are Geographic Information Systems (GIS) important to geographers?


24. Which geographic theme can be defined by physical features?


25. What shape are most planets’ orbits around the sun?


26. At noon on or about December 22, the sun’s direct rays strike the ____.


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