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Ancient Egypt - Explore Ancient Egypt

Explore Ancient Egypt via this interactive website.  Click on the photo that says "Enter Here" then click on the words "Launch Interactive" on the upper right hand side of the photo of the pyramids to begin your visit.  You can visit various sites located throughout the Old or New Kingdoms.  Stand on top of Khufu's Pyramid and take a 360 degree panoramic view of Egypt or go inside and take a tour of the Khufu's pyramid and visit the seven chambers.  You might even want to check out Khufu's Boat, visit the Giza Plateau and view the pyramids from afar, or travel to the Valley of the Kings.  Play around with the tabs and links on the website and see what you can get yourself, but whatever you do, enjoy the journey!  Use this website to answer questions from you Explore Ancient Egypt Interactive Worksheet.

Ancient Egypt - Great Pyramid of Giza

This video deconstructs the Great Pyramid of Giza and provides you with some interesting facts about the construction of the pyramid.  There will be a commercial video that plays prior to the main video. 

Ancient Egypt - Egyptian Tomb Adventure

Looking for a new challenge?  Not scared of snakes and scorpions?  Sign up to join my expedition to explore an ancient Egyptian tomb by clicking on the link below:

People Move (Five Themes of Geography)

This web page contains the lyrics for "People Move" and explains the meanings behind the lyrics.

People Move (Music with words)

This web page contains the music and words for the "People Move" song.

Ancient Wonders of the World

This web page contains an article about the seven ancient wonders of the world.

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