Dear Parents/Guardians:

It is pleasure to have your child on our 7th grade team!  We have many exciting things planned for our success.  In order for us to be successful there are many things that we must do. Among these things is getting assignments in on time as requested. Our curriculum is somewhat dictated to us through the Wayne County Pacing Guide and North Carolina Core Standards.

Together, as a team, we have met and decided on appropriate strategies to be used in helping us reach our goals.   This will help them be successful in the real world.

Our team will be utilizing Remind 101 to post homework assignments and make announcements to our students and parents, not having access to Remind101 does not excuse students from completing their assignments.  They are in the 7th grade and are responsible for writing down their assignments in their notebook. We suggest that they pick a student buddy to contact in case they forget to write the assignment down or

write something down incorrectly as these things do happen.

Attached  you will find a copy of the “Grade Level  Rules for Success” which gives information about our behavior plan and BLAST program.  Please read this carefully with your student.  We want all our students to be rewarded at the end of each 9 weeks by maintaining a 90 or higher conduct grade!  


1.  Warning

2. Possible assignment  to silent lunch, sent to another classroom or loss of Blast point..

3.  Parent Contact by BLAST Friday letter, phone, email, or  Remind 101.

4.  Choice (Note: In the event a student receives 3 BLAST deductions in one class the consequence will escalate to Choice.

  • This grade is not factored into their academic grade.  It is for rewards and consequences.   

Conduct grades will be recorded each week.  Points will be explained by the following codes.  


L= Lunchroom behavior/Line

A= Assignments

S= Supplies/Being prepared for class.

T= Talking

Friday Folders

***** Each Friday, we will send home a folder of student’s tests and other papers that may need your attention.  These will be attached to our team newsletter which will contain information about upcoming events and a weekly conduct report.  Friday folders should be signed and returned on Monday, with papers


attached.  Weekly newsletters will be kept on file until the end of the year.  Students who do not return folders by Wednesday lose a BLAST supply point every day until it is returned.

Again we are glad to have you as part of our team.  We are available Monday-Wednesday by appointment for conferences.  We can also be reached at school 751-7110 where you may leave a voicemail so that we may return your call as soon as possible, or by email,,

Students begin each nine weeks with a 100 on conduct in class.  Each loss of a BLAST point will be recorded in the YELLOW Friday folder.  Students who maintain a 90 on conduct in each class will be rewarded at the end of the nine-weeks with a fun event such as lunch, movie, short field trip, pizza party, ice cream party, skating rink etc.

Students who maintain a 90 for the first three nine weeks will be given the opportunity to attend the BLAST /Physics trip to  Busch Gardens in April.

Once a student reaches an 89 in conduct in any class for the nine weeks, parents will be contacted for a conference.  Together, we will decide on a plan of action for the remainder of the nine weeks.  We hope students will not  reach this point, but they need to understand that if they fall below the 90, they are still expected to uphold classroom rules and procedures.  Remember, conduct grades will be recorded each week on the yellow newsletter in the YELLOW Friday Folder.

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