TI-83 Parent Letter

Dear Parents,
This school year promises to be an exciting one for students, parent, and teachers alike.  We are energized by the prospect of working with your children to help them succeed this year and provide them with a solid foundation for their future education.
One motivating component of our mathematics instruction this year will be the use of graphing technology.  Graphing technology aids students in discovering new ways to think about problems and in analyzing data to come up with their own answers to problems.  These tools give students a way to explore ideas and visualize concepts in greater depth than would otherwise not be possible.  Used appropriately, graphing technology can help lead to better comprehension of concept and their real-world applications.
Please be assured we also recognize that using technology in the classroom is not a substitute for mastery of basic skills.  Indeed, we stress building every student's fundamental skills in mathematics, science, and other core subjects.
This year we will be using TI-83 Plus handhelds in our Math classes.  Although we can provide some for use in the classroom, we cannot allow the students to take them home.  It is not mandatory for your child to purchase one for use at home this year.  However, if you would like to purchase one for your child the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition, TI-84 Plus and TI-83 Plus products are all upgradeable, students can use them for several years of school.
It is important to note, too, that a graphing calculator is permitted for use on the SAT* and ACT* exams; and is permitted or required on several Advanced Placement*(AP) exams.  Our state's math 7th grade Test, also permits the use of a graphing calculator.
IF you have any questions about the curriculum or our use of technology, please feel free to contact me directly.  We can get together  and talk about your child's individual needs.
Best regards,
Yuzette Smith
7th grade
Math Teacher
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