Classroom Rules & Procedures


  • Be on time
  • Be prepared to learn and work by having supplies and textbooks every day
  • Be prepared to help to maintain a learning environment
  • Be respectful of yourself, others, and their property


  1. Use bathroom before class or at designated times during the day.
  2. Comply with dress code before entering classroom.
  3. Comply with dress code while in the classroom (remove and place heavy jackets, coats, and hoodies on back of chair or in lockers).
  4. Remove headgear, hats, and toboggans upon entering building/classroom.
  5. Get supplies and books out of lockers (see what you need for day on board)/or bring books for language arts and writing & grammar; and library book for DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) sessions.
  6. Sharpen pencils in the mornings before tardy bell rings or bring sharpeners.
  7.  Enter the classroom quietly and take assigned seat.
  8. Be seated when tardy bell rings at 7:30 a.m./or enter quietly and take assigned seat.
  9. Remain seated and no talking during Channel One (Student News Channel).
  10. During class listen carefully to directions or read directions, and then raise hands and wait if you have a question.
  11. Remain seated during class.
  12. Write homework, assignments, tests, quizzes, and other information in Agenda Book daily.
  13. Follow best behavior rules in the classrooms, going to and from classes, in the hallways and walkways, in the cafeteria, and in the gym.
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