Math Class and Expectations

Content:  This course will develop critical thinking skills and abstract understanding.  It will include the study of numbers and operations, measurement, geometry, data analysis, probability and algebra.

Materials Required:  You must bring a number 2 pencil along with a binder (also used in science) that has a set of 5-tab dividers and paper each day to class.

Attendance:  Regular attendance and consistent study habits are two factors that contribute greatly to success in school.  100% attendance is expected; however, if you must miss a class, you are required to make up all missed work.  It is the student’s responsibility to get make-up work.  You are allowed 5 days from the date of returning to school to make up work unless it is work assigned before the absence, then, the work is due upon returning to school.

Homework:  There will be homework nightly.  The assignment will be to complete a few problems from the concepts and/or lessons covered that day in class and to study those concepts.   Homework is practice, I grade completed attempts rather than right/wrong answers.  I do not accept magic answers, all work must be shown.  All homework is due no later than 7:30 am each day.   I also give random pop quizzes which often feature recent homework questions.

Accelerated Math:  Students will be required to keep a portfolio in the class for AccelMath.   Each student should work toward completing 5-7 objectives per week.  Assignments from AccelMath may be taken home - not required – to complete.  The folders are to be left in the classroom at all times.   If you think you will need a separate folder to keep these papers in, please be advised to get one.  If you lose your assignment sheet and a reprint is needed, please sign the REPRINT LOG sheet giving the type of assignment and homeroom teacher’s name. 

All grades from Accel Math will count as part of your 9-weeks grade.



Silent Lunch: This year, silent lunch will be used to deter inappropriate behavior in the classroom the same day or the following day if the student attends class after lunch.   After the third (3rd) lunch detention, parents will be contacted before choice or administrative involvement.  After the 7th silent lunch, the student will receive an office referral.  The office referral is only after 7 silent lunches for behavior, not for not getting papers signed or forgetting to turn in homework.


Grading:  Final grade is based on the weighted average of unit tests; accelerated math tests, practices and mastered objectives; quizzes; and class work.

Weighted Percentages:

Unit and AccelMath  tests………………….40%

AccMath practices/quizzes/homework…….25%

AccMath mastered objectives……………...15%

Graded class work……………………….....20%



Grades are now on a 10-point scale: A       90 – 100

                                                          B       80 - 89

                                                          C       70 - 79

                                                          D       60 – 69

                                                          F       59 and below



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