Science Class and Expectations

Classroom procedures and expectations


        The following expectations will allow us to start our class quickly so that we may accomplish many things this year:

  1. Come to class with a positive attitude and open mind. 
  2. All homework is due no later than 7:30 am.
  3. Be prepared with all materials at the beginning of class – do not ask to use the telephone because you forgot to bring something.
  4. Your behavior should show respect for yourself, for others and for authority.  All  team and EWMS rules apply in class.
  5. Personal errands are not allowed during class time unless it is an emergency – bathroom breaks are provided throughout the daily schedule.  You must know and be able to demonstrate safe use of any materials and equipment before using them in class – safe and appropriate behavior is required at all times.


Assignments and Grades

            Students are responsible for keeping track of their  assignments, upcoming tests and all due dates.  Each student should wisely choose how best to do this.  Agenda books and Remind 101  are provided to help with organization.

            If you are present at school, assignments must be turned in by 7:30am to receive full credit.  Late work is not acceptable on real-world jobs so it is not acceptable in this class.  EWMS policy states that a student may have up to 5 days to make up work when absent.



Grades will be weighted in science class using the following scale:

                        Tests/ Projects                        40%

                        Class work                                25%

                        Labs/quizzes                            35%




No extra credit is available.  If you complete assignments as requested and to the best of your ability, no extra credit will be needed.


            Wayne County policy uses a 10-point grading scale.  This scale is as follows:

                                                                        A          90 – 100

                                                                        B          80 - 89

                                                                        C          70 - 79

                                                                        D          60 – 69

                                                                        F          59 and below



            Parents may expect one progress report during each 9-weeks grading period from this class.  You may also check grades using the Home Base log-in at online at anytime.  I do my best to update the grade book every weekend.   I encourage all students to keep all graded assignments returned until after the 9-weeks grade is posted.


            Plagiarism and cheating are not acceptable.  Listening to recent news about “cheating” athletes and valedictorians, I want to be sure that all my students understand the severity of these offenses.  This includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. Allowing other students to copy work.
  2. Having a parent (or other relative) complete an assignment.
  3. Copying another student’s work
  4. Cheating of any kind
  5. Copying material from any resource including the Internet without properly citing the source.  Do not “cut and paste” without citing your source.
  6. Working on an assignment with other students when the assignment has not been designated as a group project.
  7. Not doing your share of the work on assigned group projects.


Contact Information

            The best way to contact me is by email –    Please type your student’s full name in the subject line so I know whom we are discussing.  You may also use the school voice mail system at 751-7110 extension 2440 and I will get back to you within 48 hours.  I usually leave my telephone set for voicemail so that instruction time is not interrupted.  I am usually not able to check my messages until the end of the day so please do not call to ask me to tell your student that they are a car rider or bus rider “today”.


                        Conference times are by appointment only.  You may schedule a conference for Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday at 12:15pm  by leaving a message on email or voice mail.


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