Language Arts Assignments

Unit 2: Decisions We Make - Argumentative Writing Task, Reading Packet, and Novel

​Argumentative Writing Assignment

"What impact do my decisions have on my life and others' lives around me?" After reading and analyzing literature and informational texts about decisions, write an essay in which you argue what the best decision would be to a given dilemma. Be sure to clearly explain the situation with the decisions (options) to be made, the decision you choose, and the effects/outcomes of this decision. Support your discussion with evidence from the texts and notes.

Novel Project

Students received a project sheet for their novel (either Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry  OR To Kill a Mockingbird). Students must choose an option under Step 3. I have attached a copy of this sheet on the Handouts Page.

Novel Assignments

1. Annotations - Done on sticky notes, kept in the book, follow the guideline notes given in class for this unit.
2. Annotation Explanation Page - A page of 5 explanations for EACH chapter's annotations. Follow notes given in class.
3. Comprehension Questions - Each section of the book that was assigned has questions. These were handed out in class. If a student lost them, they could get one more set from me.


Unit 1: The Foundations of Me - Narrative Writing Task, Reading Packet, and Novel

Narrative Writing Assignment

1. Opening paragraph - controlling idea, hook, characters, setting
2. Plot Map
3. Topic Sentences
4. Body Paragraphs
5. Closing Paragraph
6. Rough Draft
7. Final Copy through googledocs

​Divergent - Final Project

See Handouts page for a copy of the requirements! You must do the choice you told me in class.
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