Periodic Table Help

Study Guide for Chemistry – The Periodic Table Quiz

  1.  Moving from left to right on the Periodic Table – metals become less active.
  2. Families or groups (columns) on the Periodic Table have similar properties.
  3. The elements with the highest density are found in the middle of the Table.
  4. The least reactive group/family is the Noble Gases found in Column 18 of the Period Table.
  5. Law of Conservation of Mass states that mass is neither created nor destroyed – this means that the mass or number of atoms you start with in a chemical reaction will be the same after the reaction has occurred.
  6. An unknown element that reacts with an element from Group 17 (the Halogens) would most likely be from Group 1 of the Periodic Table.
  7. Metalloids have properties similar to both metals and nonmetals – they can conduct electricity under certain conditions and withstand heat making them excellent to use as semiconductors.  Silicon is a perfect example of this and that is why we have “Silicon Valley” in California.
  8. Mass and atoms are conserved during chemical reactions.
  9. When an experiment demonstrates a loss of mass after a chemical reaction – mostly likely gases escaped into the air from an unsealed container.
  10. Families or groups (columns) on the Periodic Table have similar properties (I can’t say this enough!)
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