Class Rules & Procedures

Class Rules and Procedures

 Class Rules:

  • Be Respectful.
  • Listen & Follow Directions.
  • Please remain in your seat unless given permission to be up.
  • Raise your hand to speak.

Discipline Policy

Failure to follow School and Class rules will result in the following actions:

  • Name written on whiteboard.
  • Silent Lunch assigned.
  • Student may be sent to the Choice Room for one period and Parent Contacted.
  • Team conference with parent/guardian.
  • Seven Silent Lunches in one grading period will result in referral to administration for further disciplinary action.
Choice Room:

In accordance with School Policy students may be sent to the Choice Room for one period for the following infractions. Five Choice Room visits for the same or similar infractions will result in referral to administration for further disciplinary action. 

  • Disrespect
  • Disruption of class
  • Defiance

 Entering the Classroom:

  • Be in compliance with the dress code before entering the room.
  • Sharpen pencils; borrow paper, etc before class starts.
  • Sit in your assigned seat.
  • Copy any assignments or notices from the board into your Agenda.

Exiting the Classroom:

  • The teacher will dismiss the class, not bells or the clock.
  • When dismissed, gather your things and throw away trash before you leave the room.

Asking Questions:

  • Raise your hand and be called on before you speak.
  • Please keep your questions focused on what we are doing at the time.


  • A seating chart will be used and I will make changes as needed.

Food and Drinks:

  • No food or drink allowed without teacher permission.
  • If there are medical considerations, please send a doctor's note.


  • Use the restroom during designated times.
  • Restroom passes will not be given during a lesson except for emergencies.
  • If you are feeling like you will be sick – please get up and go!

Grading Policy:

  • Wayne County Public Schools Grading Scale:
    • 90 – 100               A
    • 80 – 89                 B
    • 70 – 79                 C
    • 60 – 69                 D
    • 0   – 59                 F


  • Notebooks & Journals will be used every day!
  • Notebook & Journal grade will come from several spot checks I will conduct during the grading period.
  • I will be looking for completion, accuracy, neatness, and effort.


  • Graded assignments will announced as such.
  • Remind 101 will be used, please sign-up!
  • If absent, it is the student's responsibility to inquire about make-up work.
  • Late Work not acceptable unless accompanied by missing work form signed by parent.
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